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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  October 9, 2009 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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back, are you for real? and i got word back, yes. it is true. isn't it marvelous? >> i hope in the next three years he is able to live up to what the prize represents. >> i just found out from you and i found it on surds. >> the president does plan to go to oslo to accept the award on behalf of everyone who strives for justice and dignity. he also plans to donate the $1.4 million worth of prize money to charity. the news is the talk of bravo 1 woman writes --
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that's what they say, what do you say, does the president deserve this nobel peace prize? we are waiting for your responses at other top stories evacuations, students rush home under the threat of a bomb attack. plus, teenager tragedy. a 17-year-old girl is shot in the head and she's dead. and fighting to survive an executive with the international monetary fund is gunned down at his bethesda home. >> i'm audrey barnes in bethesda. an executive with the international monetary fund is gunned down inside of his own garage. police say mody was sitting in his family's van when she was shot at least once. the suspect fled on foot.
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neighbors are uneasy. >> the suspect is loose. we have to be careful. >> reporter: police say they don't know yet if the shooting has anything to do with his job at the imf. he's the assistant director of the european department. >> we don't want to ignore any piece of evidence that would direct us to a quicker resolution of this event. >> mody is in critical condition. i'm armando trull at the hyde leadership school in northeast washington where students and staff are in shock over the students death of one of their students. 17-year-old etta nickelson. the parents have asked for everyone to pray for their daughter. >> they are trying to lead to the chain of events that led to the shooting last night. >> she was talking to the security guard and two other individuals who had decided they wanted to shoot at the security guard came out and opened fire with the intention of striking the security guard and struck this innocent 17-
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year-old girl. i'm lindsey mastis in fairfax county. students here at west springfield high school were evacuated and eventually sent home for the day. that's after police found a bomb threat two miles away at the elementary school. police say a rock was thrown through a window at west springfield elementary school. along with it was a threat aimed at the high school. but both schools were evacuated when police found a suspicious looking package on the roof of the elementary school. >> we got sent out to the baseball field. >> reporter: by noon, school buses took high school students home. the police could check out the entire school. at the elementary school, police determined the suspicious package was not a threat and school resumed. it. >> really wasn't a panic issue for me and i felt confident. >> reporter: police say they found nothing in either school. in fairfax county, lindsey mastis, 9 news now and
7:04 pm montgomery county, among the jurisdictions rolling out that h1n1 flu vaccine for the first time today. digital correspondent scott broom is following developments from silver spring. >> there were lines at the montgomery county health department. >> they are organized about it. and you get in fast. >> it is going well today. >> karen has an infant and she's a nurse who deals with sick people which qualifies her to get one of the first doses of nasal spray. >> i want to be protected and i want her to be protected my husband is going to get it as well and the best way to be protected is to get the vaccine. >> it is restricted only for people ages 2 to 49 with no health problems, pregnant women, infants and seniors will have to wait for injectable vaccines to be distributed which may be within a week. here's a side effect of all of this as the h1n1 vaccine is
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being rolled out. suddenly getting a seasonal flu vaccine shot is not as easy as it once was. >> manufacturers had to shift gears because the h1n1 was ready sooner and wanted to get it out sooner. so a number of us had to cancel clinics but now 99% of the flu is circulating in the united states and widespread is h1n1 and that is where the emphasis is to get that to people as soon as we can. >> reporter: scott broom, 9 news now and >> montgomery county will continue to schedule flu clinics as more vaccine comes in. for a link to more information, go to the tributes keep pouring in for ben ali. his funeral wrapped up a little while ago. he founded ben's chili bowl and of course that is still a washington institution. ben ali died yesterday. he was 82 years old. >> we have good news to report
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today on council member marion barry. the former mayor is still in the icu at howard university hospital but his spokesperson told us he is getting better. he is being treated for dehydration and blood infection. no word when he will be released. a big development this the push to extend metro rail to dulles airport and beyond. organizers say they have collected enough signatures from landowners in the area to petition for the creation of a special tax district. now, that tax district will help to raise money for the project. which will guarantee there are metro rail stations at reston parkway, herndon monroe and route 28. no stations will serve the residents or businesses of western fairfax county in the town of herndon. averment get ready for more delays this
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weekend. safety inspection and maintenance will take a toll on the yellow and green line riders. starting friday at 10:30 they will be completely shut down. l'enfant plaza will be open but only for blue and orange line service. shuttle buses will run along the green line station and rather than cross the potomac after the pentagon stations, yellow line trains will be rerouted backed up through rosslyn in to dc. all of the stations are expected to be open again on tuesday morning. let's get to the evening rush hour. patranya bhoolsuwan is in the 9 news now traffic center. >> it is friday, folks are itching to get home and not getting much help here. 95 southbound the commute is slow past dale city in to dumfries. we are not seeing any accidents at this time. but a lot of volume. in virginia check the drive times on 66. we are seeing westbound right now, heavy 31 and now seeing the graphics for eastbound. it is 29 minutes to get to your
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destination. let's hop on in maryland an track the brake lights. father hurley starting to ease in maryland, 270. so smooth clear ride in to frederick at this hour. we want to show you tomorrow, a taste of georgetown is happening. we get you that graphic wisconsin avenue is going to be closed between m street and k street tomorrow. so be aware of that if you are heading to that direction and we will talk about how the weather will be tonight and also for the big party tomorrow. topper? >> i think it will cooperate, both counts. breezes right now. we are coming off of a high of 85. there are showers in the mountains and downtown until midnight it will be quiet. the forecast first for tonight, some clouds return. breezy and mild, a couple of late showers. lows upper 50s to mid-60s. mid-60s for lows. that's pretty mild. temperatures right now are unbelievably mild after a high of 85 as we mentioned.
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80 downtown. 81 frederick. 79 man masas and 80 in quantico and 83 in fredericksburg. satellite picture radar combined you folks in garrett county and allegheny county are getting showers and that's the cut off line right now. we will talk about how close the front gets to us tonight and as it moves through tomorrow how much rain showers it will generate. and if the soccer games will be played. back to you. response on fire tonight over the president's nobel peace prize. we have great responses. you don't want to miss it coming up later. and after the break how to make and possibly save a life. ccqq
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when i first saw the new outback it looked so different to me. but when i got back from my first trip... ...the look was unmistakable.
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more room for adventure. the all-new subaru outback. are you ready tourismable. the heart of dc is coming your way on october 18th it is about supporting healthy lifestyle and hearts. joining us is matthew with the dc road runners. talk about the race itself. welcome. heart of dc is the reason for this. talk about that. >> basically this great charity race is to help support the american heart association. so we are trying to get the word out to all runners and walkers in in the metro region to come out. as you said, next weekend we are trying to get the word out, the on-line registration on and sign up early. it will be a great race and all the proceeds go to the american
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heart association. >> we should note you don't have to be a professional or an expert runner to get out here. it is a good course, right? >> it is a good flat, out and back course and all levels. bring your family. don't have to be an elite runner. just be able to finish 3.1 miles. that's all it is. and it is good physical activity. >> there are a lot of runs out there. what's the purpose? >> it is more overall. the carety support and you also, it is your own physical activity. running is a great event. and it is basically looking at two aspects. it is a physical aspect for yourself and you are helping a great cause. >> thank you for coming in. talking able the 5-k on the 18th, that's next sunday and we should note you can also sign up on your website at because 9 news now is a proud sponsor of this inaugural heart of dc 5-k. again proceeds benefit the american heart association. we appreciate you coming in.
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money-saving coupons. you will find savings on everything from food to diapers, cereal and more. find it all on moms like stretch your warehouse shopping dollars. in tonight's "living $mart" focus, says avoid the heard mentally of going to the clubhouse shops and shopping. and let your fingers shop on- line. you will find better deals and access to warehouse club coupons on their website. tonight at 11:00, lightening gums to a healthier shade of pink making patients smile again. hope you are here tonight. all right, top. now we have been going back and forth all weekend. rain tomorrow, maybe not so much rain tomorrow. what are we looking at now. >> we never had rain. we always had showers in and now the question is how widespread will it be, not very. i think the games will be played tomorrow, soccer games.
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i think you can ride a bike in the morning if you want to. we will lose 15 degrees and when you start at 85 and go to 70 it is not so bad. the forecast, the next three days, showers tomorrow, most of which we feel will be in the morning but a chance throughout the day. we are looking at 70. more sunshine on sunday, 70. and a lot of sunshine on monday. temperatures fall back in the mid-60s. for tonight, some clouds, breezy and mild. late showers are possible. primarily after midnight. low temperatures, 58 to 64. between the clouds and the west and southwest winds at 10 to 20 that will keep temperatures up tonight. some showers have made it to our mountains and you can track those on our website at with our interactive radar and live doppler nine thousand. lows tonight, look at this, it is like september, 59 tysons. 58 great falls. 61 for the low in bethesda. upper 50s for silver spring and 59 bowie and upper marlboro. temperatures are unbelievably warm. 80 downtown.
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81 frederick. 79 manassas. 82 still in fredericksburg. even to the west in cumberland it is 77 degrees. you go over the eastern divide and it is cooler because they have had some showers. tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy and mild. a few showers are possible. and i think most of you won't see any and those that see showers won't be heavy. temperatures in the 50s and 60s winds west northwest at 10 to 15. by afternoon, partly sunny and cooler. again, we will key keep a chance of a few showers in. better chance south. highs around 70 and winds north northeasterly at ten. pretty potent system. you look at this and think how can it rain that hard. it is not going to. most energy will pass to the west and north. by the time the front goes through it will be breaking down a bit. it will generate a few showers but nothing like the heavy activity we have seen to the west of us and the severe weather we have seen in this south today. zone forecast, 70 in warrenton, 70 chantilly. low 70s in springfield and 72 in stafford. a couple of showers are
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possible. downtown, about 70. a couple of showers are possible. laurel 71. annapolis 69. still a few small craft advisories until noon tomorrow. next seven days, 70 on saturday. 70 on sunday. the better of the two days will be sunday but both will be decent. monday sunshine and 66. more showers on tuesday. and then cooler on wednesday behind that front we are back in the low 60s and then we are only 60 for a high on thursday with showers developing, maybe some rain showers and perhaps a thunderstorm creeps back in next friday. >> not seeing a lot of those in october. >> no. that is rare but possible. >> thank you, top. okay from our weird news file, i think, i think they have now officially run out of ideas for theme restaurants. now coming your way in thailand, a restaurant apparently dedicated to male birth control. cabbages and condoms is a whole chain out there. they have condoms on the walls and pictures of condoms on the carpet. the waiter as you can see is wearing a condom type hat.
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instead of after dinner mints they are offered condoms at the counter. i'm thinking if you take your date there, you are really confident or don't mind getting slapped [ laughter ]
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in the mail bag tonight, the president's nobel peace prize, the big question, does he deserve it? everybody has something to say about it. --
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but even president obama himself has acknowledged it is a tough argument to put him in the same sentence with the martin luther kings and gan dids of the world. and i have question for the committee. suppose mr. obama can't end the wars we are fighting anytime soon or heaven forbid finds he has to go to war with iran, is that worthy of a peace prize and what if it damages him here at home and makes it tougher for the president to do the stuff he is honored for just talking about doing and what if he does accomplish something historic down the road, does he get another one? stuff to think about as you drop your thoughts in mcginty's mail bag. the address is and don't forget to include your name and
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where you are writing us from. that's our report. i will be back here tonight at 11:00 with anita brikman. don't forget you can log on anytime you like at where we are always on. see you a little later on. bye-bye.
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